4000 Series Wooden Train

4000 Series Wooden Train

4000 Series Wooden Train

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Our newest wooden train celebrating the CTA's Heritage Fleet.

The 4000-series cars were built in two groups—a first group delivered in 1914-15, and a second group, which this car represents, delivered in 1922-24. This latter group, nicknamed "Plushies", had nicer passenger amenities than the earlier 4000s, including green plush seats, glass light shades, and circulating fans.

In 1940, the Chicago Rapid Transit Company began repainting the 4000-series cars in the company's new paint scheme of brown and orange, with a gray roof. This scheme lasted into the CTA era, replaced in the mid-1950s.

Cars 4271-4272 were selected for preservation by CTA in 1974, and repainted in their 1940s orange and brown paint scheme. Today, the cars are the oldest in CTA's Heritage Fleet.

Dimensions: L 5.25" x H 2" x W 1.25"

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