6000 Train Wooden Train (Unboxed)

6000 Train Wooden Train (Unboxed) - CTAGifts.com
6000 Train Wooden Train (Unboxed) - CTAGifts.com

6000 Train Wooden Train (Unboxed)

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Save $6.95 (and be eco-friendly) when buying our 6000 Series train unboxed with no packaging.

One-piece hardwood body & non-toxic child-safe paints and plays on all standard wooden railway systems.

The 6000-series cars were largest series of cars ever built for the CTA, totaling 720 cars! They were delivered between 1950 and 1959.

The cars were first used on the Logan Square-Loop elevated line (part of today's Blue Line), and became mainstays on what are now the Blue, Purple, Brown and parts of the Red and Green lines.

The cars wore several paint schemes during their service lives, but the Mint Green and Alpine White scheme was used the longest, from 1965 into the 1990s, and may be its best-remembered.

The last 6000-series cars were retired on December 4, 1992. The series was in service for 42 years, making these the classic, quintessential 'L' car for generations of Chicagoans!

Dimensions: L 5.25" x H 2" x W 1.25"

Add a set to track to make the perfect gift even better!

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